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"Since I have been undulating, my back pain is gone."
- Jack S., former US Marine

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Relieve Stiffness & Feel Young Again with Undulation by Anita Boser  


Read about the Audio Version:

You can stretch away aches, pains, and stiff joints with Anita Boser's "Undulation Exercises."

In this four-CD set, Boser provides more than three hours of moderately paced, step-by-step directions you can follow for the 52 unique exercises she's developed. The audiobook lets you start at Beginner and work through Intermediate, Advanced, and Mastery at your own pace. The fun and imaginative exercises create strength and flexibility and a healthier spine for anyone.


7 Undulations to Relieve Office Tension

Working at a desk all day often creates stiffness, upper back pain, and repetitive strain injuries.  Even with an ergonomically designed workstation, comfortable chair, and good posture, working at a computer is likely to result in strain.

Slouch Relief - click here for the pdf!

The answer is to intersperse variety of motion throughout the day and this book will show you how to easily add quick exercise to counteract office tension. Click here to download this article




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