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Undulation is a unique form of therapeutic exercise that stretches muscles and fascia. Undulation helps your connective tissues re-hydrate, muscles rebuild lost strength, and joints regenerate. It’s gentle and accessible for everyone, a perfect way to restart exercising after an injury or years of taking care everyone else in your family. It’s also a complement to other fitness programs such as CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, or triathlon training, because it increases flexibility in a way that stretching cannot. Thousands of people have successfully used undulation to relieve neck, back, shoulder, hip, spine, muscle, and joint pain—or simply to feel more limber.

Undulation Teachers

Click here to find movement instructors who have completed the Undulation Teacher Training. If you would like to take the training, Contact Anita

A Seattle Time Article About Undulation

Upcoming Undulation Workshops

Reviews For The Undulation Book

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Undulation book, back pain reliefImprove your spine health with undulation exercises. Whether you choose the full book available in print or electronic formats, the audiobook in MP3 format, or the mini e-book, you will be on your way to feeling better with natural pain relief.

Undulation: Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young, printed and e-book formats available from Amazon

Undulation Exercises, MP3 download of first edition with 52 exercises from CDBaby 

7 Undulations to Relieve Office Tension, mini e-book in pdf format

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"Since I have been undulating, my back pain is gone." - Jack S., former US Marine

Videos of Exercises

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Read a sample and find how undulation exercises can help you relieve pain and feel young:

    From Chapter 1 - How to Get the Most Out of Undulation

    From For Neck, Shoulders & Arms

Press releases

November 1, 2017 - New book with gentle exercises provide natural pain relief

Undulation BreakTM – The computer program

computer posture, neck pain, undulation breakIf you work in an office, you probably struggle with shoulder tension, neck pain, and upper back stiffness. You might even have a repetitive strain injury. Undulation Break was created to relieve and prevent these pains. Ergonomic experts recommend taking a short break at 20 minutes intervals to interrupt the strain of working at a computer. This program gives you the reminders you need and is a fun way to feel better. You can customize the program to include the exercises that target the areas that bother you most and even select your own music if you like.



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